40 Spanish verbs you must know

Today we are going to learn 40 Spanish verbs you must know. The objective of this activity is to learn the vocabulary -the meaning of these verbs- not their conjugation, with that we will work in other units. You have 3 different activities:

1. First, we will practice with flashcards, click on the card to see the translation and on the arrow to change cards. Practice as many times as you want until you feel sure of the meaning of the verbs, and repeat to improve your pronunciation.

2. Now write the verb that you listen to, this activity will help you with the spelling. The translation will be below.

3. Finally, here you have a test to check you have learned the 40 verbs properly.

4. If you now know well the meaning of these 40 verbs, you can practice their conjugation. as I said they are all irregular in the present tense.

Remember to ask your tutor if you have any questions. Don’t you have an online Spanish tutor yet?



40 Spanish verbs you must know,

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