Very irregular verbs in the SPANISH PRESENT TENSE

A number of verbs are called very irregular in the Spanish present tense because they don’t follow any fixed pattern in their conjugation. Verbs like ser (to be), ir (to go) or haber (to have) fall within this category.


Others have more than one irregularity, like tener (to have) decir (to say) venir (to come) or oĂ­r (to hear).


Finally, there are two that have some peculiarities like oler (to smell) that is conjugated like the stem-changing verbs but has an extra funny “h” in its conjugation or the verb estar (to be) that could be just an irregular verb in the first person except for the extra orthographic accent.

These very irregular verbs could be a little tricky but notice that they are only nine and some of them you are going to use it very much, so you just have to practice as much as you can. To start below you have a crossword to practice the conjugation of these very irregular verbs in the present tense.

These verbs can be irregulars in other tenses too, so be careful when you come across them, you can check their full conjugation on this link. and remember to contact your tutor with any questions you have. Don´t you have an online Spanish tutor yet?

Crosswords are an excellent way to learn verb conjugation, this is the reason why we have many in our blog. Anyway, leave us a message in the comments, if you want we prepare more quizzes for this lesson. But take into account that the first step is to learn the meaning of the infinitive of the verbs,  our flashcards will be an excellent option to that.

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