Comparatives and Superlatives, Spanish Grammar made easy (A1)

Do you know how COMPARATIVES AND SUPERLATIVES work in Spanish? Because this is what we are going to see today. In a nutshell, comparatives are the comparison of one person or thing to another (more, less, or as… as), while superlatives indicate that one person or thing is the most, best, least, or worst of all. Let’s see how to do this in Spanish, first look at how the weather is in Spain using the comparatives and superlatives.

Comparatives and superlatives in Spanish.

Spanish comparatives

Comparatives in Spanish come in three varieties:

1. Superiority másque (more… than or ____er than)

Andrés es más alto que Juan (Andrés is taller than Juan).

2. Inferiority menosque (less/fewer… than)

Andrés tiene menos hermanos que Juan (Andrés has less sibling than Juan).

3. Equality tancomo (as… as) or tantocomo (as much/many as)

Teresa es tan guapa como su hermana (Teresa is as pretty as her sister).

Tengo tanto dinero como Uds (I have as much money as you).

  • In comparatives of equality, tan is used with adjectives (tan guapo como…) and adverbs (tan rápidamente como…), while tanto, tanta, tantos, tantas is used with nouns (tanto dinero como…/tantos amigos como…), finally tanto is used with verbs (trabajamos tanto como…).
  • Bueno (good) and malo (bad) have irregular comparative forms, mejor (better) y peor (worse).

In this video you learn more about the Spanish comparative.

Spanish superlatives

Superlatives are formed with the definite article + noun + más or menos + adjective.

Carlos es la persona más inteligente que trabaja aquí (Carlos is the most intelligent person who works here).

Es la ciudad menos interesante del mundo (It’s the least interesting city in the world).

Es el profesor más amable de la escuela (He is the nicest teacher in the school)

Learn more about the Spanish superlative in this video.

Spanish comparatives and superlatives exercises

Now you can practice everything you have learned about comparatives and superlatives in Spanish with the quizzes below. Remember to get in touch with your tutor if you have any question about this topic. Don’t you have a Spanish online tutor yet?

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