Describe people in Spanish -DESCRIBIR PERSONAS- vocabulary A1


Vocabulary about describe people in SpanishLet’s learn vocabulary related to describing people personality and appearance. First download the pdf sheet, after that practice the vocabulary with the quizzes below.  

Remember that to describe people you need to use ver SER (to be), TENER (to have) and LLEVAR (to wear) which is a regular verb ending in -ar, click on the link to learn more about this verbs and their conjugation. You should also learn a little more about how adjectives work in Spanish.

You can also study these adjectives in context by listening to podcasts: El amigo de Carmen or watch the video “un chico muy simpático“.


Using SER or ESTAR to describe people

Remember there is not the same to describe someone (es alto, es inteligente, es simpátido…), that to talk about someone mood of state of mind, in that case, verb ESTAR (to be) is used instead and not forget. 

Describing people appearance in Spanish, practice with quizzes

Before start working with the activities, remember you can contact your tutor with any question you have. Don’t you have a Spanish personal tutor yet?



alto, bajo, gordo, delgado, feo, guapo, moreno, simpático, amable, trabajador, vago, tímido, optimista, pesimista, trabajador, callado, egoísta, serio, alegre,

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