6 easy shortcut to learning Spanish

Do you know the Shortcut to learning Spanish? Basically, there are six basic shortcuts that you can use while learning the language! Today we are going to see the “la punta del iceberg (the tip of the iceberg)”, during June we will analyze each one in detail

1. Learn a 1000 Spanish words instantly

Most of you know a lot of Spanish words, even if you don’t know. It could be because of the shows we watch on television or through the books we read. But little do we know that most of the words in Spanish can be learned through English! This is through Cognates. Cognates are those English words with Latin roots. Cognates are a fun way to improve your vocabulary in Spanish.

 All you have to do is translate the English words into Spanish. Want to know a fun fact? You can use these words instantly to converse in Spanish. For instance, you can change the English words ending with ‘–TY ’ into Spanish words very easily. Just add ‘- DAD’ towards the end. A University is called Universidad in Spanish. In the same way, you can change most of the other words like velocity, eternity, humanity, and many more. But there are other examples.

Shortcut to learning Spanish

2. Using Mnemonics

The second tip for our shortcut to learning Spanish Mnemonics, but what is this?

Mnemonics is the best way to learn any language. Mnemonics help you make a connection between the vernacular and the language you want to learn. If you are comfortable with speaking in English, you can use mnemonics to make a connection between English and Spanish.

For example, think of bread. In Spanish, bread is called pan. If you are trying to remember the word pan, all you need to do is create a connection between bread and pan. You could cook bread in a pan which will help you remember the word pan! This way you are accessing your right brain which is the creative side of your brain. You learn faster through this method.

Another example could be ‘HAY’ which is pronounced as eye in Spanish. You must remember that the H in Spanish is always silent like in honest. The word HAY is a substitute for ‘there is’ and ‘there are’ in English. Here is an easy way to remember it! Have you heard of Cyclopes? If you have not, they are mythical creatures with one eye. Imagine a Cyclopes saying, “There is dust in my hay (eye)”.

Easy is it not?

3. Power Verbs

The Spanish language contains different power verbs, which are constantly used in daily life.  Next week we will publish a list of 100 Power Verbs in Spanish and different ways to remember them. If you learn these verbs and know how to use them, you will be able to speak Spanish confidently.

4. Power Words

It has been found that 50% of the time we use only 100 words to converse in any language. Like every other language, Spanish has many words that are commonly used. They are mainly prepositions, articles, adverbs, possessives, conjunctions… words that we use mainly as linkers. You can combine these words with the power verbs and cognates to frame grammatically correct sentences.

5. Understand Spanish

While learning how to play a video game, you first try to understand what the game is about and what the controls that is to be used. In the same way, to converse in any language you will have to understand how the language works. So, make a sincere effort to understand Spanish while you are learning it. You might pick it up faster than you had initially imagined. Understanding, no doubt, is the real shortcut to learning Spanish, when you understand you work all the skills together.

Remember that listening to music, podcast or the news in the radio, watching videos, tv series and film, will be very helpful. It is quite important you always choose resources according to your Spanish level.

6 Create Spanish

There are some people who love to write, some who love to read, and some who love to speak while learning. You can use your liking to help you create Spanish. There may be common phrases and sentences that you use while talking to someone in your vernacular. See if you can translate those sentences into Spanish. That way you will know how far you have come. If you do not know the words in Spanish, you can always access the internet. It is not a bad thing to take help from someone or something. If you have the zeal to learn, then nothing should stop you from learning.

The shortcut to learning Spanish Challenge

During June and part of July, we will work with one of these topics every Monday to boost your Spanish. You can start the challenge right now; since I have left some links that you will find especially useful.

If you have more ideas to be included in the shortcut the learning Spanish challenge, please leave them in the message below.

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