Adjectives in Spanish vocabulary A1

Adjectives in SpanishADJECTIVES IN SPANISH «LOS ADJETIVOS», can be tricky because you not only have to memorize the vocabulary but you have to learn how to make the agreement. First, we are going to learn some basic Spanish adjectives that will help you to describe things and people. First, if you want a copy of the pdf sheet, just leave us a message in the comments and we will send it to you. Print the copy and try to learn two or three new adjectives every day. When you feel confident with the vocabulary you can practice everything you have learned with the quizzes below and see also 20 Spanish adjectives ending in -o with flashcards.

Spanish adjectives agreement

In Spanish, an adjective has to agree with the noun it is describing in gender and in number:  una casa blanca (a white house), un coche blanco (a white car), unas flores blancas (some white flowers), unos calcetines blancos (some white socks). Click on the link if you want to learn more about adjectives agreement.  Also, adjectives can change their meaning depending on if we use them with verbs SER o ESTAR: Antonio es listo (Antonio is clever), Antonio está listo (Antonio is ready)… Learn more about adjectives with ser and estar.


 Exercises to work with the adjectives

Now practice the vocabulary about adjectives with the quizzes below. Remember to contact your tutor with any question that you adjectives in Spanish. Don’t you have a Spanish tutor online yet?

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