Food in Spanish -Alimentos- Spanish vocabulary A2

Food in Spanish is said «LOS ALIMENTOS or LA COMIDA«. Notice that the word «la comida» can be translated into English as «food, meal or lunch», the context of the sentence will tell you: Me gusta la comida mexicana (I like Mexican food). Mi comida favorita es el desayuno (My favourite meal is breakfast). La comida será a la 14:00, no llegues tarde (Lunch will be at 14:00, don’t be late). 

Today we are going to learn vocabulary related to food in Spanish. Make a list of the vocabulary, and translate it into English with a dictionary. and put everything together with our quizzes and word games below.

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Vocabulary about food in Spanish

Exercises about food in Spanish

Here you have six different word games to practice the vocabulary mentioned above. There is a word search, a crossword a memory game, and much more. You can repeat the exercises as many times as you want until you feel confident about using the vocabulary.

Learning more about "alimentos"

If you are interested in learning more vocabulary about food in Spanish, we have many more resources. For instance, you can learn more vocabulary by clicking on the following links: «la fruta», «la verdura« and «medidas y envases«.

We have also some videos with subtitles and activities that you can find very useful to watch:  «la lista de la compra (shopping list)», do you want to know how to prepare a «gazpacho» and to discover all the ingredients? Finally, we have another video about what a typical Spanish breakfast is, including very popular «churros«.

Remember also that if you have any questions you can contact your Spanish tutor. Don’t you have a Spanish tutor yet?

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  1. Please email me a copy of all of the food posters. I teach ESL adult English classes for a nonprofit organization, and these will work perfectly in my lessons. Thank you very much!

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